Terms and Conditions

"Cut Above" Casting Service

Welcome to “Cut Above” Casting! Please read the following carefully. Your compliance with these points is important for achieving a successful relationship with our call-in service.

Guide to being a successful background actor

  1. Getting your WORK:  Once you post your availability on your profile, you will be sent out every day that you are showing availability, in a picture submission, to over 50 casting directors. If the casting director needs your look you will be booked by Cut Above and your details will be sent to your e-mail address and website profile for comfirmation.
  2. The hotline: is a 24-hour recording that is updated several times each day. We recommend that you call it at least 3 times a day to stay up on what is going on in the office.
  3. Availability or “Avail” list- You may give your availability up to 10 days a week allowing us to directly book you on any productions that fit your category. Your availability is posted by YOU on your website profile.
  1. GETTING BOOKED: It is very important that, before you submit and accept a job, you make sure you are available for a full day’s work. That can mean up to or over 9 hours.
You will then receive e-mail, the evening prior to your working production with all the details and confirmation phone number you will need. Please be sure to reply back to us, once you receive that so we know you are set to go and have all necessary information.

  1. CONFIRMATION PHONE NUMBER: Once you have been booked, you will receive an e-mail with the Confirmation Phone Number that will supply you with all the pertinent information for that particular job. Call this number the evening prior to the job and have a pen and paper ready! Everything you need to know regarding your call time, location, directions, wardrobe, etc., will be listed on the outgoing message at the Confirmation Number. Listen to this message in its entirety! Often times you’re required to confirm your name after the “beep”!

NOTE: “Cut Above” Casting is not responsible for giving you production information once you’re booked! It is provided by the actual casting agency. Always call the Confirmation Number the night before the job!

  1. CALL TIME: YOU MUST BE ON TIME to the location! (Preferably 15 minutes early!) Being late will be marked in our files and can prevent you from being booked on future jobs. You may not leave the set for any reason, unless production has wrapped for the day and you have been released.
  2. LOCATION: A Thomas Brothers Guide Map Book is highly recommended, and is simply the best way to find your way around town. We do not provide detailed directions to sets!
  3. WARDROBE: We can only provide a general idea of what the production is looking for in terms of wardrobe. The confirmation (phone) number will give you exact wardrobe information. You will be expected to report to the set “camera ready”! You will also be expected to take a minimum of two additional wardrobe selections. Avoid solid red, white or black.

Proper set etiquette
  • A designated waiting area will be available to you when you’re not on set. Do not wander or leave the holding area without first informing your Set Coordinator.
  • Never enter a soundstage/set when the red light is flashing!
  • When you’re on the set, be alert and listen for specific instructions.
  • Maintain silence when the camera is rolling. When you’re on set, pantomime only, unless instructed to speak out loud by the Director.
  • Never look into the camera unless instructed to do so by the Director.
  • Do not bother cast or crew. No autographs or photographs.

Take the initiative to make a good impression and give a great performance. Directors do recognize this! You never know what can happen!

Payroll procedures
  1. VOUCHERS: Your Set Coordinator will give you a payment voucher. This is proof of payment for your working day. Be sure to print, with blue or black ink, all of your correct and current information. (The payroll company will send a check to the address on your voucher.) You will be asked to fill out the voucher completely, including the I-9 information, and provide an ID. DO NOT LOSE YOUR VOUCHER! At the end of the workday, sign and return your voucher. Retain the pink copy as your receipt; this is your only proof of working for any accounting or payroll inquiries.
  2. PAYMENT: Allow at least 14 business days to receive your paycheck. If you don’t receive your check within that time, direct your inquiries to the Payroll Company listed on your voucher. Have your voucher in hand when you call.
Cancellation Policy- It is agreed that the client may cancel the service agreement at anytime. It also agreed that there are no refunds after 10 days and once services have been provided. In addition, "Cut Above" Casting Inc. is not the employer of record and therefore does not accept filed unemployment claims.

Final reminders to begin working
  • Call the hotline at least 3 to 4 times a day: 323/692-9356
  • Availability list go out up to 4 times a day.
  • Once you are booked, we will provide you, via e-mail, with a Confirmation Phone Number. Call it the evening before the production. Confirm with your name if necessary.
  • Emergency phone number: 323/465-3055
  • Show as much availability as possible. Pay your monthly fee on time, every time!
                            Be organized, responsible, reliable AND HAVE FUN!
                                                 Welcome to “Cut Above” Casting Services!