CAC Holiday Party Info & 2018 Newsletter.. please read!


Hello CAC!

 Well it's that time of year again when we ring in the new year by coming together and having a Cut Above Casting New Year 2019 party! We've done it for years, and as many of you know, it's always been a blast!


This year it will be at The Saint Felix Hollywood on the corner of Cahuenga Blvd & Selma Ave. from 8-11pm on Saturday 1/19/2019. Doll up and join us! Photo booths will be capturing the moments and of course there's always a raffle!

 Here's the need to knows:

  • Saint Felix Hollywood: 1602 N Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028
  • 8-11pm
  • Must have a valid ID (21 and over) to show when coming in. If you are not 21, I will need to clear you at the door
  • Parking is: metered street parking, or parking lots run about $15. Shared Uber/Lyft a great idea
  • Dress is Hollywood fabulous!
  • You are welcome to bring as many guest as you'd like :)


Happy New Year to the best booking service Hollywood has ever seen!

I love & respect you all!


Lisa aka QB (Queen Bee as many of you like to call me :)



Hello Cut Above Casting and Happy New Year 2019!

Now that we are rolling back into production with submissions and bookings, I thought it would be a good time to go over some key points to keep us the strongest and most effective booking service out there! As most of you know, we upgraded our website with wonderful changes and additions during the holidays. Renewals will be generated through the website, via e-mail at the end of your billing cycles. The minute you pay your billing starts, with a 3 day grace period at the end. In addition, all new clients you refer can go to the "Join Los Angeles" tab on the website. We have merged the new faces division into the website, with a mini orientation & picture retakes once a week at the home office.

I would love to change the culture & the overall understanding of a booking services responsibilities. I hope that my hotline and this newsletter helps.
Here are some need to knows that I feel will help all of us to work more effectively. It will not only make us all work together better, but will make you a more knowledgeable back ground actor.
  • Listen to our hotline once a week
  • Make sure your availability is posted and accurate
  • Make sure your attributes are accurate. The more you check the more your show up on searches! MEASUREMENTS  & Work Info List NEEDS TO BE FILLED OUT!
  • Read & confirm your bookings.
  • Text messaging is through the website, if my computer is off, I do not receive text, always know my cell is there for emergencies. (if you are a client you have it)
  • Pulling your availability from your cell is best done on the "mobile edition"
Ways to avoid issues:
  • If you feel you are getting sick, remove your availability immediately. Don't wait until you are booked and then pull off the job.
  • If you go to bed early, either sleep by your phone or pull your avail. We book at all hours of the day & night.
  • If you are running late to set text or call us to let us know.
  • If you are confused about a booking, take a look at your profile in the CAC website for clarity. Don't let e-mails confuse you.
  • If Central or any CD books you directly, be sure to pull your avail from the website or call/text it in and we can do it.
**Please remember that our services are provided 7 days a week regardless if you are booked or not. CAC is not the casting director & can not control the amount of bookings one receives; that's the casting directors job. We do however guarantee our services will be provided around the clock 7 days a week with the goal of being available for what booking may arise**
I hope this newsletter helps. Hollywood can be a tough place to make a living. If I had it my way, I would book my clients, and only my clients on everything out there! I think we do a pretty good job, and we are very appreciative having all of you as our actors.
Cheers to a New Year filled with great health, kindness to all, and many bookings! ??
Your one and only...
Queen bee ;)
aka Lisa