About Us

Welcome to "Cut Above" Casting Service!

We love that you have taken an interest in our service and welcome you to read a bit about how we started...

My name is Lisa Marquis and I am the original owner of "Cut Above" Casting Services.

After having worked with other call-in services, I decided to branch off on my own to design a higher caliber of service.

Being native born, I've seen so many new fresh faces arrive here in Los Angeles eager for work in the entertainment industry, many without direction and without any understanding of what it means to be a professional actor.

With that in mind, "Cut Above" Casting Service was created, an extras booking service that will not only offer on-set assignments to those who know the ropes of extra work, but will also provide the tools necessary to instill a sense of professionalism and dignity in those who are new to the field.

"Cut Above" Casting Service supplies background casting directors with responsible, reliable, "bookable" extras, having taken the extra step to ensure the quality of the individual being submitted for the work. Our reputation for being a "cut above" has been built by our attention to detail, as well as, our accessibility around the clock to provide last minute replacements or "rush calls" for those production situations that come up short.

It has been our mission to create a service that provides casting directors with the "best of the best" in background work, ultimately create opportunities and advancements for all of our hard working actors.

We welcome fresh new faces and hope to assist you as you begin your journey into Hollywood!

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together-   Vincent Van Gogh